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Zagroda Alpako Terapii is a fantastic destination to discover everything about these beautiful animals and their special powers. Guests can spend time getting to know the Alpacas while relaxing in our gardens. You can even stay over in our cozy guest house which gives you even more time to put together your very own plan…

Our Guest House

We have a number of boutique type rooms available to guests. All guests have access to the guest lounge with open fire , TV , table football, Billiards and more. Staying guests are invited to a walk in the forest with the Alpacas free of charge !

  • Violet Room

  • Shared Areas

  • Luxury Apartment

  • Gardens


The Boys

We currently have a team of four very different Alpacas. They all have special characters from warm and cuddly to highly independent. All of the boys are under 2 years and therefore still growing up.

Interested in spending some time with us?


Please feel free to check out the current pricing and availability of our rooms and activities on these pages. We look forward to meeting you !!
Interested in spending some time with us?


The Guesthouse offers a variety of rooms in a comfortable setting.


Different activities are available daily ranging from hikes to Alpaca therapy sessions

Our Blog

The hairdresser has been !

Lots of action yesterday as it was teeth , feet and haircuts !! The boys took it well apart from our Teddy who cried all the way through ☹️ , Koko tried his hardest to keep him calm! Thank you so much to the highly proffessional Agroalpaka for doing a super job. Pictures of the boys with their new…

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Even Suri is now Walking

After about 6 weeks work we have finally managed to get little Suri walking on a head collar. He proved really stubborn but now appears happy to be joining the other boys.

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Call us: 695545330
visit us: 24 Orłowice Mirsk 59-630 Poland